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June 6th – 8th, 2014 | La Canada, CA



Top two teams in each Pool advances along with a wildcard team, based on overall seeding. Bottom two seeds play in a Consolation Game at 8:30 on LCE. Single elimination championship bracket starts after Consolation Game. Teams will be seeded according to records (see Summer Smash Tournament Rules).

Pool A Pool B Pool C
1. La Canada Cardinal 1. La Canada Gold 1. VC Tribe
2. CSA 2. CSA "B" 2. Charter Oak
3. Irvine 3. San Marino Isotopes 3. Santa Clarita Bandits



Friday Games

Time Teams Field Winner Final Score
  5:30pm La Canada Gold  vs  CSA "B" LCE CSA "B" 12-6



Saturday Games

Time Teams Field Winner Final Score
10:00am VC Tribe  vs  Santa Clarita Bandits LCE VC Tribe 14-9
10:00am La Canada Cardinal  vs  CSA PCR CSA 16-6
12:00pm San Marino Isotopes  vs  La Canada Gold PCR San Marino 22-3
12:15pm Santa Clarita Bandits  vs  Charter Oak LCE Charter Oak 23-5
  2:15pm CSA  vs  Irvine PCR Irvine 9-5
  2:30pm VC Tribe  vs  Charter Oak LCE Charter Oak 9-8
  4:30pm CSA "B"  vs  San Marino Isotopes PCR San Marino Isotopes 16-5
  4:45pm La Canada Cardinal  vs  Irvine LCE Irvine 13-10



Sunday Games

Time Teams Field Winner Final Score
  8:30am #8 SC Bandits  vs  #9 La Canada Gold LCE SC Bandits 25-7
  9:00am #4 CSA "A"  vs  #7 La Canada Cardinal PCR CSA "A" 7-5
10:45am #5 VC Tribe  vs  #3 Irvine LCE VC Tribe not reported
11:15am #2 Charter Oak  vs #6 CSA "B" PCR Charter Oak 10-4
  1:00pm CSA "A"  vs  #1 San Marino LCE CSA 15-6
  1:30pm VC Tribe  vs  Charter Oak PCR VC Tribe 11-8
  3:30pm CSA vs VC Tribe LCE VC Tribe 15-7



Field Locations

A list of the field addresses is available at the bottom of the Summer Smash home page.  



Tournament Director

John Winnek
phone: (818) 281 - 4605